With regards to the camp itself, we would like you to know the following:

Phone & Internet: We are not in a position currently to provide internet facilities, and the phone signal is very weak. So we suggest you take full advantage of this and enjoy turning off your connections to the outside world and enjoy the peace!

We are in the wilderness and we like it that way, if you would like to play on your mobile devices please do this in your tents away from others. There is a fine of $10 per time caught on your mobile device in the public area. We like to be social.

Drinking Water: Drinking water is not in short supply so please drink as much as you can. Dehydration is common here, so make sure you drink more than you think you should.

Drinks: These are included in your stay, please ask for help in the main area.

Electricity: All rooms have only a small solar lighting system, so please do not try to charge anything or run any appliances, including hair dryers. Charging camera equipment can be done in the mess area.

Emergency whistle: There is an emergency whistle in the tent, which you can use to attract attention and assistance in case of emergencies.

Fire: In case of an uncontrolled fire in camp, please walk calmly away from the river to the open space behind camp.

First Aid: We have a good first aid kit here in camp, so please let Johann know if you need anything.

Gratuities: All tips are to be passed on to Johann. He will make sure that the tips are divided equally amongst the staff. If you wish to tip anyone extra, please do so privately. (our recommendation is $10 per client per night for the main camp staff and the same for your guide).

Showers: These are bucket showers and you can request for one at any time of the day. However, we prefer not having to do showers after dinner as it could also disturb your neighbour’s sleep! If you would like one after dinner we can put it up hot before dinner.

Laundry: Laundry service is available upon request. Ladies, we kindly request that you take care of your own ‘smalls’ with the washing powder provided in the bathroom.

Meals times: Meal times are generally very flexible and will be agreed upon the day before, but normally breakfast is when you are ready in the morning, lunch at about 1:00pm and dinner about 7:30 – 8:00. If you would like to eat earlier please let us know.

Morning wake up: We will wake you up at your agreed time, please come to the mess area for tea or coffee.

Safe: We do not have a safe, so please keep all valuables locked in your car.

Smoking: Please refrain from smoking in your tents and in any confined communal spaces. Thank you for your consideration.