Welcome to Shompole

Welcome to Shompole and Shompole Wilderness Camp.

Shompole Wilderness Camp is situated on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River, on Shompole Community Land in Southern Kenya.

The du Toit family and their local Maasai team manage the camp together. With just six tents and miles and miles of stunning land to explore, your stay here will feel both homely and wild at the same time.

A Diverse & Unique Destination.

The Shompole Hide

The Photographers dream. It has taken a long time in the making but we we hope we have managed to get most things right.


We are very fortunate at Shompole Wilderness to be able to offer you a wide variety of activities to fill up your days with us.

Our Commitment

We believe that your stay with us is helping the Shompole community to protect and maintain this important piece of the planet.

Where are We?

We are located in an area that is known as the South Rift of Kenya in the Great Rift Valley (the largest valley in the world). This landscape is nestled between the famed Maasai Mara National Reserve to the northwest, Amboseli National Park to the southeast,and the Kenya-Tanzania border just to the south of us. Shompole Wilderness is located on the community lands of the Shompole Maasai people.

The Rift Valley region of East Africa is not only famed for being the ‘cradle of mankind’ but it also holds the highest diversity of birds and mammals of any region in Africa. The Shompole region alone is home to 21 carnivores species, all the large mammal species with the exception of Rhino and, at our last count, 435 species of birds.

Unique Ecosystem

The Shompole ecosystem is unique in that it is owned and managed by the Maasai. It is not a National Park and therefore we are unlikely to see other visitors and have the freedom to be outside the vehicles rather than in them!