Shompole Hide

A photographer’s dream


NOTE: The Shompole Ecosystem is still very WET and there is NOT MUCH visiting the waterhole yet where the Shompole Hide is located.  HOWEVER, there are many other photographic opportunities with culture, visiting the red lake (Lake Magadi), Flamingoes, ground photography, helicopter flights (book in advance) and the Great Rift Valley!

The Shompole Hide has quickly become very popular. This has been to the help of Will Burrard-Lucas who we teamed up with, and also to the well thought out location of the Shompole Hide.

It has taken a long time in the making but we we hope we have managed to get most things right. (We have asked a lot of people a lot of questions and have had some great advice too).

The Hide is 4.7 kms from the nearest water, making it an attractive spot for birds and mammals to quench their thirst. Have a look at our Instagram page

The Shompole Hide is out on the open dusty plains with a thicket on the eastern side, long open views of Mt. Shompole to the south and the Great Rift Valley wall in the distance to the west.

The hide has open sides (no glass), there is space for up to 6 photographers (4 comfortably), the area is very dusty with long views so you can see the animals coming in and getting some low angle dust shots.

Lighting at the night is specialised. Giving the photographers flexibility in front, side and back lighting options.



to Tom and Celia O’Connor and Will and Natalie Burrard-Lucas. Without your support we would not have been able to launch the Shompole Hide.

Both photos taken by Shawn Mousley (Ker & Downey Safaris Kenya).


There is NO CHARGE for the use of the Shompole Hide. 

Please note we only take maximum of TWO GROUPS at a time.

Firstly, if your group is 6 paying clients or more we will book the Shompole Wilderness EXCLUSIVELY for you, UNLESS there is already another booking before you. 

If your group is 6 or more PAYING clients the camp is exclusively yours. You have UNLIMITED TIME AT THE SHOMPOLE HIDE.

We can only GUARANTEE ONE NIGHT at the Shompole Hide if your group is less than 6 paying clients staying two nights. Please contact us for more information on this.

All three photos by Will Burrard-Lucas

Animals seen and photographed (Bird list currently about 67 species).


  • Lion
  • Leopard
  • Cheetah
  • Serval
  • African wild cat
  • Caracal

Heavy weights:

  • Elephant
  • Buffalo
  • Giraffe

Plains game

  • Zebra
  • Wildebeest
  • Impala
  • Grants gazelle
  • Baboons
  • Vervet monkey
  • Eland
  • Waterbuck – Common
  • Lesser kudu
  • Warthog

Mongoose family

  • Hyena – spotted
  • Hyena – striped
  • Genet
  • Egytian mongoose
  • Slender mongoose
  • White-tailed mongoose
  • Porcupine
  • Bat-eared fox
  • Ground squirel

All three photo were taken by Gurcharan Roopra

There was over 30 local Maasai from the Shompole community who helped in this particular project and they in turn went to further support their families.

Johann du Toit the owner of Shompole Wilderness teamed up with Will Burrard-Lucas who has come in to perfect aspects of the hide , giving great advice and his wealth of photographic knowledge. Read more about the hide from Will’s blog post.


A huge THANK YOU also to the Shompole leaders and Shompole community who have also understood and supported this project. Ashe O’leng.

Shompole Hide information.

  • 2 x 20ft containers sunken into the ground.
  • Provide ground level photography.
  • 270 degree view!
  • It is out on the open plains.
  • Open sides, but netted (no glass).
  • Faces South to get the best of the stars and Mt. Shompole.
  • It has a flushing toilet.
  • 3 beds.
  • 6 photographers maximum, 4 prefered.
  • Mirrorless cameras HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  • 4 gimbals a 6 bean bags provided.

If you have NOT booked Shompole Wilderness for EXCLUSIVE-USE (min 6 people), then you may have to SHARE the hide with others.