General Information

Drinking Water

Please make sure you drink as much water as you can. Dehydration is common in this climate and it is dangerous. We recommend that you aim for about 5 litres of liquids a day if you can. Water in the bluebottles in your room is drinking water, and there is water available in glass jugs at the ‘chill’ are and eating area.

Meal Times

Meal times are generally very flexible and should be agreed upon the day before with the waiters. Normally breakfast is served when you are ready, lunch is at around 1:00pm and dinner is at around 8:00 pm. We sometimes have a ‘brunch’ in the place of breakfast and lunch if this fits better with the day’s plan. Let one of us know if you would like to eat an earlier dinner especially if you have small children. Please understand that we are a very small team and while our aim is flexibility we are not able to change mealtimes or plans at the last minute. The timing for the next meal should be agreed at the previous meal and not changed between meals unless absolutely necessary.


Meals are a mix of communal and private depending on the circumstances. Please let us know if you have a strong preference for private dining and if you have any dietary considerations.

Phone Service & Internet Access

Phone signal is very weak across the camp, and it is best to use Safaricom as the provider of choice. We provide limited internet at the ‘chill area’. We suggest you take full advantage of this disconnection from the ‘outside world’ and enjoy using your phones mainly for taking photographs!

Cultural Sensitivity

While at camp please feel free to dress however is comfortable for you. However, if you choose to visit a local home, please understand that in Maasai culture women are not expected to reveal much below the waist, so please can ladies and young women kindly wear loose fitting skirts which fall to or below the knees or loose fitting trousers. If you did not bring such attire, wrapping the ‘kikoy’ provided in the rooms around your waist is a good alternative. This will be much appreciated


Please refrain from smoking in your tents and in any confined communal spaces. Please discard your cigarette butts in the ashtrays provided. Thank you for your consideration.


Tips are of course discretionary and not obligatory. If you would like to leave a tip however, our recommendation is USD 10 (or 1,000 KSH) per client per night. Please give this to Hamisi, the staff representative, who will then give it to the staff to split among themselves. If you feel you would like to tip anyone separately, perhaps your main guide, then feel free to do so directly.


The camp has no fence around it, and animals of all shapes and sizes roam through. You are welcome to walk around within the camp by yourselves during the day, but at night please wait for a night watchman to accompany you. Feel free to call out or use your radio to get the attention of the night watchman at night if you need it. Please make sure small children are accompanied during the day and at night by an adult.

Evening Attire

There is no formal dress code at the camp, however we recommend that during the evenings you wear clothes to cover up your arms and legs as much as possible to protect against insect bites. Loose cotton shirts and trousers are advisable. It is advisable also to wear closed shoes in the evenings to protect against the possibility of scorpion stings.


In case of an uncontrolled fire in camp, please walk calmly to the mess area where we have our meals. You will be guided to the best location depending on the wind direction.