About the Rooms

At Shompole Wilderness Camp we have six ‘rooms’ which are actually spacious tents set up on wooden decks. Each tent can be set up as a double or a twin room, and has a flushing toilet and shower. In addition, we can set up a children’s tent on the veranda of two of the tents should this be necessary. Each tent is located so that they are totally private, and you can’t see one tent from another tent.


Each tent has running water, and there is hot water available in evenings, heated during the afternoon by generator. Please note that if you would like a hot shower in the early morning that it may be warm and not piping hot if the hot water was used the previous evening.

Keeping Cool

In each room you will find two ‘kikoys’ which we provide in the place of dressing gowns. They are traditional cloth sarongs which you can wear as you please. Do kindly put them in the laundry on the last day so they can be washed and ready for the next guests


Laundry service is available. Simply leave your laundry in the laundry bag in your room and it will be collected in the morning and returned in the evening (weather permitting). For cultural reasons, we kindly request that you take care of your own ‘smalls’ with the washing powder provided in the bathroom. We do not iron laundry so it will come back as smooth as the team can make it.


Each room is equipped with a Safe and instructions for how to use it. Kindly do place all of your valuables in the Safe, and do ask if you need any help with doing so. If the Safe is not able to open, please let us know and we will come and fix the problem.


Each room has its own small radio so that you can communicate with other tents, or with us in case you need to.

Morning Wake Up

If you need us to we can arrange a wake up call at your preferred time. We do not offer tea and coffee at the room, because of the high prevalence of monkeys and baboons who might help themselves before you do. Tea and coffee will be provided in the dining area at any time you would like it.


All rooms are connected to the generator. You have a charging strip available in your room for charging camera equipment, phones and computers. Kindly do not try to plug in items that consume a lot of power such as hairdryers, irons or kettles. This will cause the generator to fail

Towels and Linen

In order to save on precious water we do not wash the bed linen or towels in your room every day, but every third day instead. If you would like your linen or towels washed more regularly please let us know. There are separate pool and river towels provided, so you do not need to bring the ones from your rooms.

Emergency Whistle

There is an emergency whistle in the tent, which you can blow to attract attention and assistance in case of emergencies.

Ladies Personal Hygiene Products

Please do not dispose of personal sanitary products in the toilet. Instead kindly put them in the small brown bags provided and place them in the waste paper bin.

Rooms Gallery

Private, Spacious, & Rustic